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Sloan Kettering in New York, along with the Institute for Meditation Sciences, will be hosting Advances in Meditation Research: Genetics, Neuroscience and Clinical Applications on Thursday, Sept. 24th, 5 PM to 7:30 PM and Friday, Sept. 25th, 8 AM to 6 PM. 

The conference is organized by David Vago, PhD, BWH/Harvard, Psychiatry; Eileen Luders, PhD, UCLA, Neurology; Mahuiddin Ahmed, PhD, MSKCC; Rael Cahn, MD, USC, Psychiatry; Sonia Sequeira, PhD, MSKCC.

The Advances in Meditation Research (AMR) conference series was created to advance the growing interdisciplinary science that explores the neural correlates and associated psychological and clinical applications relevant to the practice of meditation in its many forms. It is the hope that through such investigation, contemplative practices that include meditation can be safely and efficiently translated into healthcare management and education, as supported by rigorous research. AMR is a biennal conference. Proceedings from AMR 2013 are available at: http://www.nyas.org/publications/Annals/Detail.aspx?cid=a1b8f126-1e67-4043-be36-32f4404572cb

This conference is valuable for clinicians, scientists, scholars, meditation practitioners, and all that wish to learn about the science of meditation. The registration is $270. Conference attendees will satisfy the Yoga Alliance requirements for continuing education credits.


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Buddhism is roiled in violent politics in Sri Lanka and Myanmar–the countries that Western Buddhists associate with the various styles and teachers of peaceful, non-violent insight meditation. Yuriko Koike wrote a commentary for Project Syndicate to highlight the prejudice, chauvinism, extreme intolerance and the politics of religious hatred. The monks who fought for their own religious freedoms suppress and decimate those of others. It serves as a reminder that unless we are individually and collectively vigilant, there is no religion or philosophy that is safe from various misguided people (and personal prejudices) who claim to uphold it or practice it.

Yuriko Koike, Japan’s former defense minister and national security adviser, was Chairwoman of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party’s General Council and currently is a member of the National Diet.

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