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A study conducted by Johns Hopkins, mentioned in the free online newsletter John Hopkins Health, Summer 2012, “Guys: The Truth About Anger Management”, angry and hostile men are more susceptible to a heart attack.

Negative emotions result in undesirable physiological effects such as high blood pressure and narrowing of the arteries. Most people realize this.

“Men are more likely to develop coronary artery disease that can lead to a heart attack in their 60s, about 10 years earlier than women.” (The Truth About Men Women And Heart Disease). The difference is believed to be because of the protective effects of estrogen in women.

The obvious solutions are anger management, reducing cholesterol, good diet, and exercise.

This blog has several helpful posts for stress and anger management and links to practical methods such as the breathing/pranayama and meditation audio tracks on www.mahasriyoga.com.

Music and chants can also be effective tools in reducing hypertension, stress, anger. https://yogamedblog.wordpress.com/2012/04/04/the-power-of-music-rhythm-chants-kirtan/

The on-line Harvard Medical School’s newsletter Harvard Health Beat also states that stress affects heart health and yoga is suggested as one way of managing the stress. https://yogamedblog.wordpress.com/2011/08/09/harvard-healthbeatstress-and-yoga/

A long-term practice of meditation actually changes the brain. https://yogamedblog.wordpress.com/2011/07/26/meditation-and-brain-stem/

Yoga Nidra based on Satyananda Yoga is a very easy and effective way to understand anger, anxiety, stress and root it out. https://yogamedblog.wordpress.com/2011/03/13/stress-focus-and-yoga-nidra/





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