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Today is World Health Day.  It  fits well with yoga spring cleaning of body and mind. Personal hygiene, cleanliness, sanitation of environment is one aspect of saucha (cleanliness).  Spring cleaning the home and environment is important in three ways:

*Psychologically–declutters the mind by sorting thoughts and emotions associated with belongings/relationships and creates a more clear mental space

*Physiologically–more hygienic, sanitary personal space

*Environmentally–a less toxic, less infected, more sanitary, and more disease-free community space

As increasingly more people travel to India on yoga trips, and some have returned quickly after becoming really sick, the  link below will be interesting.

I am unable to hyperlink the story today on Bloomberg online about  Delhi Belly and the numerous microbes in India that are resistant to antibiotics. You may see it at http://www.bloomberg.com today.

World Health Day: Antimicrobial Resistance

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