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Yoga Nidra is probably the most popular of all guided yoga meditation practices. The classic text  is Yoga Nidra by Swami Satyananda. He is the one who organized the ancient tantric system of nyasa into a whole system of mental yoga therapy that has been attracting Western psychologists and psychotherapists.

The system of Satyananda Yoga Nidra not only helps with stress and high blood pressure, asthma, Parkinsons, pain management, cancer patients, post traumatic stress disorder, but also improves memory and focus. Some equate it to a profound “power nap”. Swami Rama, founder of The Himalayan Institute, also  has his version of Yoga Nidra. Different types of Yoga Nidras are being used to treat veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghansitan.

Of all the meditations I teach, this system of guided meditation has been the most popular across all age groups. Some of the most loved Yoga Nidras from our past classes, based on the Satyananda format, are on the website http://mahasriyoga.com/meditation/tracks.html  as a set of four progressive tracks that form a complete whole.

Yoga Nidra is so popular because it is very easy to do and it heals deeply from within, even healing wounds that are deep within the subconscious. I have used it with women in a domestic abuse shelter as well as stressed out executives seeking relief and clear focus. It helps release layers of stress and hurt. Emotions are calmed for a clear and sharp focus. Stress, anxiety, hyepractive mental activity blur focus and perception. In Eastern Europe, Yoga Nidra has been used to teach children different langauges much faster than by traditional methods. The book gives details of many different studies.

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